Barcode Solution in Karachi: Inventory Barcode Management
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Inventory Barcode Management

Inventory Barcode Management

A complete & powerful Inventory Management System that builds visibility and control over inventory costs, ensuring that there is always enough stock on-hand to meet customer/company demands. The module restrains the stock levels, processes inventory receipts, returns, transfers and adjustments.

POSISF is a beautifully designed, responsive application for Inventory and sales management with barcode identification. That makes it fast & easy to delivery to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store/warehouse. Works online & offline. Keep selling with POSISF, even when your internet connection lets you down. Your sales will automatically update to our servers the next time you go online..

Hardware & Peripherals That Speed Up Your Customer Service

Our team of POS experts works closely with you to design/customize the ideal solution for your establishment’s needs and budget.

Easy to Use Point of Sale

When you hire a new employee for your restaurant, you need them effectively using your POS system as quickly as possible. We designed the POSISF, Point of Sale interface for simple, intuitive actions that any user can master, allowing new hires to be perfectly comfortable with POSISF Point of Sale in a matter of minutes. Eliminate restaurant software and get them working right away.

Daily, Monthly and Annual Reports

In case you want to see how your business has been doing over the weekends or any other period that might interest you, simply set up the date span for that period or check the daily, monthly or annual financial reports. These include Profit reports, Low Stock reports and Business Traffic reports and Endless parameters of reports & you can easily export these and all other reports to excel.

Check daily petty cash register to control your overhead.

More control over expenses

POSISF enables you to better manage your expenses by:

  • Helping you to minimize labor cost.
  • A system that is easy to learn and use ensures high employee productivity and motivation at the same time.
  • POS systems reduces the need to re-enter information
  • Freeing your staff to focus on managing and selling more effectively.
  • With full visibility into business information, you’ll know when to staff up or cut back, and which employees bring in the highest revenues.
  • Assisting you to minimize shrinkage through
  • Standard cash/inventory management practices that are being used by retailers worldwide.
  • Minimizing your inventory carrying costs by reducing inventory levels, and facilitating enhanced visibility into your business.
  • Inducing better controls such that pilferage is minimized, thus reducing organizational loss due to non-operational issues.

POSISF Features

  • Reliable, Stylish, Economic, Smartly Designed POS System.
  • Records sales transactions quickly and easily
  • Generates and prints professional looking receipts
  • Works with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners eliminating the need for mouse or keyboard input
  • Manages item pricing and offered discounts
  • Reports to analyze sales by salesperson or by item
  • Integrates with back office, warehouse & kitchen to maintain inventory data and quantities across all aspects of your business
  • Data backup/restore feature to keep data safe
  • Designed to be very easy to use for day-to-day operation
  • Work on cloud, no matter if you have no internet, sale auto update when you connect with internet.


  • Strong Database structure
  • Touch Screen
  • Advance Searching
  • Customized Reporting
  • Touch Screen
  • Work with offline & Online


  • Multi Business Unit.
  • Auto send sms to customer.
  • Customer record keeping.
  • Cash & Credit Sale.
  • Credit Card & Cheque acceptance.
  • Dine-Inn, Take away & Delivery.
  • Show Encrypted purchase cost.
  • Return, Exchange, gift, personal use.
  • Post/unpost every record.
  • Deal/Packages, Get 1 By 1, Discount.

Additional Features

  • Advance searching tool.
  • Petty Cash (salary, loan, cash draw etc.)
  • Agent commission.
  • General & miscellaneous Expences.
  • customer, Supplier & Agent Ledger.
  • Audit/log report for every user.
  • Hold/Recall sale Transaction.
  • Internal/External Transfer.
  • Re-order Item`s blinking.
  • import/Export in excel.
  • Detail user manual.

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