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What is POS?

POS is the abbreviation of Point of sale. This term describes an automated system which is used to record sales & Inventory.

Why we need POS Software over a Cash Register?

POS system and a Cash Register are almost identical. The Cash registered rings sale, register prices and provide sale record ultimately.
A POS system records inventory, re-order stock, record customer and etc. such software let the retailer integrate store operations in one package such as sales, control, report and accounting of data in programs like graphs, publishing, spreadsheets and much more.

Retail Eyecon provide all standard features?

Retail Eyecon designed for all type of retail business.
This software has all necessary features required to operate the retail business.

What if I already use a POS System?

If you are using A POS system for long, its high time your upgrade it with new and latest POS.

how we transfer data from old POS to Retail EyeCon?

Our staff will take care of your old POS and will transfer your all data from Excel or from all famous database to Retail Eyecon.

We didn`t used computers in the past?

Considering this, should we expect you to teach us how to use our new system? Yes, our support team will walk you through everything you need to know for controlling your new system with ease.
Retail EyeCon is specially designed for uneducated people, our system is very easy to use.
In Retail EyeCon all Form, field & product listing has own picture that help you to operate easily.

How long does it take for the POS system to install?

It depends on your requirements, number of POS station, stores, employees to be trained and your options. However, most installations are completed within 24 hours for common business.

Can a POS system work for multi-location store?

Yes, it does. We integrated special operation between locations with help internet service or Cloud base tech. you can easily transfer your items between business locations.

What will do? if internet down in one of any location?

No Problem, Retail EyeCon run in both mode either offline or online.
When internet down in any location, your all operation will run successfully as internet will be up system will auto sync with our other location & server.

In Retail EyeCon Discount Feature?

We offer different types discount feature in our system.
Discount on an individual item
Discount on total Invoice amount
Customer wise discount
product category wise discount
Season wise discount
Deal, Packages, Gift etc.
Buy 1 and Get 1 free

Can I track my customer transaction?

You can easily view customer history or enable the option for adding customer information.

Is there a need to set reminder for reordering stock?

Yes, users can set a re-order level for each item for sale or transfer that item from stock of system which will show message & Pop-up if the item reaches a critical level. It will alert you with a message regarding the specific product is less than minimam quantity.

What about our Technology?

Our systems are based on the far most advanced technology. We use VB.NET 2012 as front end and using SQL 2012 Enterprise edition as standard version. However, if any of our client not able to purchase license for Microsoft SQL server, we are also providing MySql based solutions.

Minimum System Requirements for Retail EyeCon?

Windows XP Professional or any upgraded version
Pentium 4 with at least 2 GB Ram or upgraded system

Compatibility? with Hardware

Our systems are compatible with the latest POS equipment, bar code readers, weight scale and printers.

Ability for Customization?

Yes, we will make small to large changes in our system as per your requirements.
If you need, we can even make complete custom additions.


Our clients are our biggest assets. To keep our marketing tools happy, we provide them with the best technical support by all means including email and phone.
Specially in Retail Business POS System is back bone of your business that’s why You will be surprised to find out how fast we will reply to your queries. We are always here to answer your questions.

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