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Eyecon Consultant is the best Barcode Solution Provider in Pakistan our professional staff provides complete & reliable consultancy services according to your business needs also our team is experts in QR codes &  solutions.
Our expert consultant serving to retail stores, textile industries, garment factories, production units, warehouses, and different types of industries.

Barcode Solution Provider in Pakistan

Business automation Services in Pakistan

Barcode Solution Provider

Business automation

Barcode, QR and Label generation

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QR code solution

Barcoding software for Inventory Management

Barcode Solution Provider & Inventory Tracking System

OneClick is a leading inventory tracking software to increase your efficiency and eliminate your resource and time.

Just scan your product and Manage Stock with accuracy

Barcode Solution Provider Best Inventory Management Software with Scanning

A complete & powerful Inventory Management System that builds visibility and control over inventory costs, ensuring that there is always enough stock on hand to meet customer/company demands. The module restrains the stock levels, and processes inventory receipts, returns, transfers, and adjustments.
Oneclick POS is a beautifully designed, responsive application for Inventory and sales management with barcode identification. That makes it fast & easy to deliver to your customers and keep them coming back to your store/warehouse. Works online & offline. Keep selling with OnClick a complete retail solution, even when your internet connection lets you down. Your sales will automatically update to our servers the next time you go online.

Just scan your product and Manage Stock with accuracy

ONECLICK Retail & Inventory management System Features

ONECLICK Retail & Inventory management

Reliable, Stylish, Economic, Smartly Designed POS System.

Manages Item Pricing and Discounts

Generates and Prints Professional Looking Receipts

Integrates with Back Office, Warehouse & Kitchen to Maintain Inventory Data and Quantities Across All Aspects of Your Business

Work On Cloud, No Matter If You Have No Internet, Sales Auto Update When You Connect with the Internet.

Reports to Analyze Sales by Salesperson or by Item

Records Sales Transactions Quickly and Easily

Data Backup/Restore Feature to Keep Data Safe

An easy User interface for Day-To-Day Operation

Works with Touch Screen Terminals and Barcode Scanners Eliminating the need for Mouse or Keyboard Input

Purpose of Barcode implementation

To control inventory & StockS.

Easy to audit and stock taking

Strong Daily, weekly & monthly reporting in one click

Minimize lost/leakage & organize store.

Barcode automation to automate store and fast issuance.


Barcode Solution Provider