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Pharmacy POS System

Pharmacy POS System

OneClick is a market leader in Pharmacy POS System or Medical store POS System which offers you more efficient and easy to use solution to you pharmacy business.

OneClick Pharmacy Management System control your inventory & cash, you can manage all product by supplier & expiry date. Eyecon is guaranteed to reduce time on administrative tasks, improve the quality pf patient care and streamline the day to day management of your Pharmacy.

OneClick is a touch base Medical store software is covered all pharmacy and billing.Eyecon is a leading Clinical Patient Management System which offers fully integrated Patient, Financial Management for the efficient running of your private consulting suite and designed for the needs of both Consultants and Clinic Secretaries.

Key Features

Product searching by Formula & alternate product references by class

Manage all you expire and batches at purchase and sale module

Manage your daily expenses, rent, salaries and ledgers

User control and rights according to their designation


  • Finance Monitoring
  • Data & Customer Management
  • Dashboard & Mobile Reporting
  • Cash, Credit, Credit Card
  • User Control & Logs
  • Easy Accounts/Petty Cash
  • General & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Strong Database Structure
  • Work Offline/Online
  • Easy & fast billing
  • Batch & Expire control
  • Medicine search by name & formula Rack management
  • Prescription management
  • Android reporting
  • Re-order level control
  • Reminder popup

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