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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Eyecon Consultant products and services are designed to meet your requirements. We have a track of helping companies of all sizes by providing them Complete erp software solution and services. Our company is dedicated to work towards your success. In addition of our wide array of options you can choose from, we customize our solution to improve your experience with us. Let us help you for better manufacture, retail and distribution with our cutting edge ERP Solution. We implement the latest tools to boost your success.

We understand the acute challenges your company may come across while planning its enterprise resources. Therefore, we are providing you with erp integrated systems and solution for combining and organize our data according to the requirements of your ERP system. As the ERP Solution is backbone of your company, we help you selecting the right packages while making sure you implement them properly. Revitalize your business with our streamline and synchronizing erp solutions designed to meet the requirements of your different departments. When our evaluation and installation is complete, our staff will make sure this system proves prolific for your business. In case there are some problems with your Complete ERP Solution . You can depend on our professionally staff to take care of it.

Our solutions are based on the concept of proper planning for primary data with the measurements of ERP software. These measurements ensure your business needs are met when you do business with us. We make sure the results you obtain with our services and solution will empower your business for clean capital business decision. Once you have selected one of ERP Solutions, we will assist you with its implementation and change management to make sure you get the utmost return from this investment. We don`t leave your side until we are satisfied with a successful completion.

Enjoy The Following Benefits With Our ERP Solution:

  • The Complete Business Manager
  • The Ability to extend your software to Multi-terminals
  • Customize your system as you like
  • Improve record of your stock report
  • Bill multiple customers at the same time only on one PC
  • Credit sale options include Bank Account Adjustment and credit card
  • Balance Sheet with Auto Calculation
  • Open unlimited accounts of different types
  • A Customized Product Defining Software
  • The Minimum stock maintenance inputs along with shelf management
  • Purchase according to supplier invoice with the return option
  • Enjoy automatic update of your sale and purchase
  • Minimum entry requirements for wholesale billing

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