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Features & Benefits

Barcodes Integration Customer Management system

A Smart Barcodes Integration Customer Management  system to Generate barcode and scan with a different type of scanner, also user can use offline scanner at remote location and connect with system to upload scanned product.

Customer Management (CRM)

Detail Customer relationship lifecycle Management Module Connected to keep your customer happy with your business.

Tax Management

You can Introduce different type of Tax(s), and generate tax related detail reports.

Stock Audit & Adjustment

Physical audit of your inventory and adjust to match physical vs system inventory.
Keep track your missing inventory with cost to manage your store better.

Rack Management

Manage your physical location of your inventory enable you to track your inventory across different location and sub-location in your store or warehouse.

Warehouse Management

OneClick has complete warehouse management integration with inventory location tracking and physical audit of your inventory.

SMS & Email Integration

Complete Branded SMS & email setup integrated with software, you can send auto Birthday, Sales, Reminder sms/Email with your Brand name to bound and keep connected your customer forever with your business.

online & offline

For Multiple locations you can use your system offline, Internet is not mandatory for cloud connectivity, as internet available system auto sync

Real time notification

This feature help you to Notify any of your desire Transaction (Pending Bill, new customer addition, Gift sale etc.) to keep you update with your business.

Users Control & Logs

Your business administrator can assign only required rights to your cashier/user and check detail log(s) that performed by cashier.
All your business logic can be controlled by your administrator like (expense limit, cancel sales, discount restriction by amount/invoice etc.)

Accounts & Ledgers

Basic Accounting module connected with POS solution to manage your expenses, customer & suppliers ledger etc.
OneClick ensures your business decisions are based on actual business data and financial position.

Single & Chain Location

Manage your multiple location with single software solution, user can transfer inventory between location(s) and can handle every location from everywhere.
For Restaurant: In simple word Easy communication between server and kitchen staff.

KOT & KDS for Food Business

KOT: System sends auto order detail to defined kitchen categorically.
KDS: at kitchen screen system display all order that booked from cashier and kitchen staff can move to (In-Process, Ready & delivered etc.)

Reward, Loyalty & Membership Module

Easy to use Reward point Management system to facilitate your customer, You can manage multiple price for multiple categories of customer like (Regular, VIP, wholesaler etc.)

Receipe & Addons

For Restaurant & Manufacturer Business you can define recipe of finished product, system auto manage Inventory according to the recipe.
Link any Product/services with main product to control your topping/add-ons or any sub product that link with main Product.

Installment Payment Plan

Create installment schedule and control all outstanding Balance, daily system Notify you to deposit current date check, and list of pending installments.
Auto send reminder sms to customer before check date.

Mobile Reporting

Connect 24/7 with your business using customize mobile reporting tool.
One Click Reporting Tool has unlimited control on your sales & inventory from any location.

Cash, Credit, Gift, and Card Payment

OneClick able to handle different type of Payment Mode to facilitate your customer.
Via split payment cashier can receive multiple modes of payment for a single transaction.

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